Thiết bị kiểm tra lực siết 1000Nm

Part No: 7902E
Xuất xứ: Hazet - Germany
Giá: Liên hệ
Lượt xem: 495

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Thiết bị kiểm tra lực siết 1000Nm
Part No 7902E
Xuất xứ: Hazet - Germany
Thông tin sản phẩm:
According to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003
•Measuring range 100 - 1000 Nm (max. torque)
•Fixed hexagon socket, Ä 27 mm
•Accuracy tolerance ± 1%
•3 operation modes:
- Tracking mode
- Click mode for click point indication (1st peak)
- DIAL mode for peak value indication (final peak)
•Supplied in delivery: Mains adapter and RS-232C connection cable to computer and printer
•Compatible with HAZET testing software 7901 E-D
•Big and easy to read LED status display with 3 LED
•Quick wall or table fixation with 4 screws
•Simple handling
•Calibration in Nm, torque units lbf.ft and may also be selected
•Possibility to enter target torque setting and percentage tolerance setting
•Weight device: 3.28 kg
Weight incl. case and mains adapter: 4,66 kg
•H 97.5 x ∅ 160 mm (182 mm, testing hexagon incl.)
•Net weight: 3.84 kg
EAN: 4000896150229 
Weight (kg): 3840 g 
Torque min. (Nm): 100 Nm 
Torque max. (Nm): 1000 Nm 

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